Wednesday, September 23, 2009

pyar howa hai, iqrar howa hai...

pyar se phir kyun derta hai dil? tralalatratralala

Letter 1:


I am not aware of your feelings because you, your highness, have not deigned to inform me of your intentions but I do feel there is chemistry both of us cannot ignore.

The good thing is and excuse me for knowing you the way I do (or presuming to know you the way I do) but I believe given the right set of circumstances we will fall in maddeningly in love.

'Given the right set' being the words in question. That's the thing, love, you and I believe in perfection. We are willing to hang onto the notion and maybe sometime in the distinct future it will come true. That's the thing.

I still want to believe in magic.

Love, MB.

Letter 2:


You know what the hardest thing about all of this is? It still rankles that even though I know you're not the one for me you didn't think so either...

: )

I still think about you. I try not to but you catch up with me. Like the other day Bee and I were hanging out with the Shamsi brothers and they mentioned a song and I turned to Bee, 'Hahaha K loves that song!' and Bee said,'I know!' and we laughed like mad much to the confusion of others.

Its a very cheap song. : )


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